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Frequently Asked Questions

Toypik was created to give parents easy access to the finest collection of toys from the best manufacturers worldwide while saving time and money. Add credit to your account (saving up to 30%) and start shopping!

Your credit will be added automatically to your account and you can start shopping immediately if you know which toys you would like to buy. We will also open a dedicated WhatsApp group for you with our educational experts that can help you pick the most suitable toys for your child.

Toypik has been created focussed on what is important for parents. Saving you time and money, while offering the finest collection of toys available for your child. 

We have a team of educational specialists available to answer any questions about the toys or help you choose the most suitable toys for your child. Saving you tons of time in research and comparing toys. 

When topping-up your account, you'll receive up to 30% extra credit to buy toys. 

You can check out all our toys here, use the filters on the left side to filter by age or brand.

We usually deliver the next working day. However, this does depend on your location and at what time the order is placed.

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