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Save time and money while shopping the finest toys from the best manufacturers worldwide.

toypik makes buying toys easy and affordable

founded by experts
Toypik consists of a team of experts with years of experience in the toy and educational industry.
focussed on quality
Our collection of toys is carefully selected focussing on open-ended and mainly wooden toys. We believe quality is more important than quality.
save up to 30%
Receive up to 30% extra credits when topping up your account. Credits never expire, spend them whenever you need them.

our mission

To help parents choose the best toys for their kids.
With our years of experience in the toy and educational industry, we can help you choose the most suitable toys for your child, all while saving time and money for busy parents making their lives easier!

a note from our founder

Hi there! 

I'm Dirk, toypik's founder.

We started toypik in 2020 after years of experience with KIDDOS Toys Club (which we are still running!). We truly believe in the concept of KIDDOS Toys Club (toy-rental), but we also recognise that it doesn't suit every family. We wanted to bring our knowledge and experience to a wider range of families and came up with the concept of toypik.

You probably have noticed we are different from other websites selling toys. We work with credit, offering you up to 30% extra credit when topping-up. At the same time we're offering you the knowledge and expertise of our educational specialists, helping you to select the most appropriate toys for your child.

So why not try us out and help you select the best toys for your child while saving time and money?

Happy playing!

Dirk de Wit

Be part of our story

We can't wait for you and your family to join our toypik family. After you add the credit to your account you can start shopping immediately. Need some help choosing the toys or do you have any questions? Our toy experts are here to help you on WhatsApp, just click on the green icon in the bottom right corner.

There's a whole lot to love

The toypik concept
Buying toys for your child can be a tough job. You can spend hours researching the brands, where to buy and wondering what they would like. With toypik you never have they worry about that again. We've done all the research and we're here to help. Our concept is:

💚 A collection of the finest toys.

💚 Save up to 30%. 

💚 A team of toy experts to help you choose the toys or answer your questions.

💚 Conveniently delivered to your door, free.  

💚 Excellent customer service available on WhatsApp.

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