• Dual-colored spheres that spin in all directions while stacked in a rack; spheres colored teal/lime and pink/orange; unique and intriguing design
  • Slide Rolligo along any flat surface to see spheres spin simultaneously in opposite directions; spheres fit perfectly, don't fall out when rolling; backward stunning display of twisting, turning colors enthralls young minds
  • Great for ages 12-months+; made of high quality ABS plastic, BPA-free; chunky design easy for little hands to grasp, exceptionally safe for baby
  • Inspires sensory exploration, experimentation, creativity; strengthens motor skills; enhances cause-and-effect learning, imaginative play
  • Includes Rolligo rack, 10 colorful spheres; sturdy yet easy-to-open packaging

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Rolligo is surprisingly simple yet endlessly entertaining sensory adventure kids won't soon put down! Taking the concept of pool balls rolling around in a rack, Rolligo stacks the balls on top of each other with colorful spheres and a modern twist. Children stack the multi-colored balls in the rack, give it a little push and watch the colors go spinning in all directions, captivating them as they push it forward, backward, sideways, and all around!