TwissBits Wagon


  • PULL-ALONG WAGON loaded with unique cause-and-effect activities; Includes wagon and 3 TwissBits
  • WATCH TWISSBITS DANCE as the wagon rolls; Lay wagon handle flat, roll TwissBits down slanted ridges
  • GREAT FOR AGES 1 TO 3 YEARS; BPA-free, exceptionally safe; Quality materials, strong construction
  • ENCOURAGES MOTOR SKILLS, active play, cause-effect learning, imaginative play; Hones active skills
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED; Frustration-free packaging;

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Pull, roll, and discover!

Grab the three TwissBits from their pivoting storage slots, lift the handle, and then drop them into the holes in the wagon base. As children toddle and pull the whole thing along, the Bits each twist and turn up and down like they're dancing.

Then - Ready to roll into a sensory adventure?

Lay the pull bar flat on the ground and then one by one, place one of the TwissBits at the top of the ramp. Little ones watch in wonder as they each roll smoothly along the slanted lines before landing in the slot at the end.

It's sure to get them giggling and cheering for more!

Inspire hours of active fascination with the vibrant and versatile TwissBits Wagon.

TwissBits Wagon

  • Pull-along wagon loaded with unique cause-and-effect activities
  • Encourages gross and fine motor skills, active play, cause-effect learning, imaginative play
  • Strengthens active skills such as sitting up, pulling up to stand, and walking
  • Bits designed with bright eyes and happy smiles for inspiring the imagination
  • Place Bits into the holes in the wagon base - Watch them dance as the wagon rolls
  • Lay the wagon handle flat - Place TwissBits at top of slope and watch them roll down the slanted lines
  • Includes wagon and 3 TwissBits
  • BPA-Free - Exceptionally safe for baby
  • Strong, durable, high quality design and materials - Wonderfully sturdy and safe