Bowls & Balls


  • Grapat Bowls and Balls comprise 12 bowls and 6 bowls in the colours of the rainbow.
  • This allows for the development of a logical / mathematical thinking by classifying, grouping and matching elements though colours and/or shapes.
  • For younger children, the bowl can be used as a lid to make the ball inside appear and disappear as a classic game of “peekaboo”.
  • Children are encouraged into deep play through the simple design and unstructured nature of the set. They will explore colour, shape, design, size - working small motor skills and firing their imaginations as they go.
  • The materials themselves have purpose - wood is natural and warm. In the hand the soft forms inspire and the textures soothe.
  • This Waldorf-inspired set will entrance and entertain from 18 months to 100 years!

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This set of colourful wooden bowls and balls from Grapat appeals to children of all ages. Babies love to hide the balls with the balls. As they get older, sorting and matching games come into play. The bowls can also be used to store treasures. Handmade using natural wood and water-based stains. Bowls measure 6cm wide and 3cm high.