Building Boards


Grimm's pastel building boards come in a variety of sizes and are handy when building and balancing. The simple flat lengths are a great companion to the 12 piece rainbow and other Grimm’s classics. Handmade in lime wood with non-toxic colour stains. Sizes from 7 x 10 to 37 cm x 0.8 cm.


This set of 11 wooden boards stained in pastel colours are the perfect fit for the 12-piece Grimm's pastel rainbow and semi-circles - combine all three to make rooms for a dolls' house, stables and sheds on a toy farm, or wonderful worlds for peg people. Or just use with the rainbow to learn about weight and balancing. Creative children will find a whole load of other ways to incorporate them into building games and making patterns, and they're also great as counting aids, for colour sorting and as ingredients in a play kitchen. This simple open-ended toy can be used in a myriad of ways to inspire creativity and learning.

These building boards can be used on their own to build colourful buildings and can be combined with other block sets too for unlimited architectural possibilities. Children will love building with these beautiful slats which come in a range of rainbow colours. The blocks are made with lime wood and have been stained with water-based colour, allowing the natural grain of the wood to shine through. Steiner educators will love this multi-purpose educational toy.

This toy is suitable from 12 months.
Each board is 8mm thick, 7cm wide and between 10-37cm long.