Red Set of Bowls


  • The Set of Bowls is a versatile toy for the children: they can stack and sort the bowls by size and colour, build with them, use it as cooking pot or plate, collect treasures etc. 
  • Materials: made from alder, non-toxic water based color stain. 
  • Size: diameter ca. 9cm.

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This gorgeous rainbow set of five stacking bowls will delight little children from their first birthday until they start school. Toddlers will love to stack these wooden cups, slot them into one another and hunt for toys hidden underneath them. Older children will have great fun incorporating them into sets of building blocks and using them in play kitchens as they make wonderfully colourful pots, bowls and cups. They're made from solid alder wood and treated with non-toxic, water-based colour stain in a fabulous array of rainbow colours, with the largest cup coloured red.

This toy is suitable from age 1.