Sortingboard Rainbow


This Grimm's Sorting Board is a handcrafted wooden sorting tray, with twelve slots stained in delicate rainbow colours. They are just the right size for Grimm's Pastel Friends

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This Grimm's Rainbow Sorting Board is a beautifully crafted wooden sorting tray, with twelve round slots stained in bright rainbow colours that are just the right size for slotting in Grimm's Rainbow Friends and Small Rainbow Balls, and can also be used for wooden marbles and little treasures used for mandala making and colour sorting games - all of these toys are sold separately at Babipur. This tray has been expertly handcrafted by master toy makers in Germany using sustainable alder wood and treated with a non-toxic, plant-based oil finish. Each slot has been stained a vibrant rainbow colour to make colour sorting activities easy.
Slotting small toys into each hole will hone toddlers' motor skills and develop communication skills as they talk about which colour goes where. This beautifully crafted wooden tray has a rich wooden grain and is smooth to the touch. Creative tots can use this for multiple sorting activities, and maths and counting games too. This wooden sorting board educational toy perfectly complements a range of Grimm's Toys and will be a hit with green parents and Montessori educators.
Made with sustainable alder, this tray measures 18cm x 14cm x 2cm. This toy is suitable from age 1.
Sensory play: fine motor, gross motor, tripod grip, hand-eye co-ordination
Schematic play: trajectory schema, enclosing schema