Mox 3-Set


  • Another Moluk masterpiece which comes to life with your child's imagination. Each Mox has a big mouth and two eyes, so you can make it eat things, pull faces they can also balance and form towers.
  • All Moluk products are compatible with each other in one way or another Oogi loves to join up with the Mox ball the limits are endless.
  • They’re made of tactile, food-grade silicone rubber and easy to grasp for small hands they’re suitable for all ages, too!
  • Diameter - 5 cm
  • Contains 3 in a box

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Next to the doll the ball is probably the most popular and universal toy. 

The latest addition to the MOLUK line combines both worlds: Mox is a ball with a big mouth. He likes to talk, laugh, sing and most of all, he likes to eat. He eats marbles, coins and other things that rumble nicely in his stomach. Mox also enjoys rolling, being thrown and caught or even juggled. 

Unlike any other ball he has the ability to balance and form towers together with his siblings. Mox is quite a character and has many secret talents that just wait to be discovered. Mox is made of tactile, food-grade silicone rubber and suitable for all ages.