Oogi Junior


  • Addictively tactile, surprisingly expressive and invitingly playful; it's silly, amusing, engaging fun; Oogi Jr is hours of imaginative play
  • Made of food-grade silicone rubber, 3 inch tall Oogi Jr has suction cup hands, feet and head that easily stick to each other and any flat surface
  • Let the expressive personality of this deceptively simple toy come alive as you explore innovative ways to connect and pose this stretchy character
  • Possibly the perfect car trip toy, Oogi Jr sticks easily to car windows, plastic car seats and each other for miles of engaging, stimulating fun
  • PVC, Phthalate and BPA free, Oogi Jr is teething-safe and easy to clean; develops hand-eye coordination, creativity and imagination, for ages 3+


This character is a character. Addictively tactile, expressive and playful, let the personality of Oogi Junior come through as you creatively pose him in a limitless array of positions. Silly, amusing and completely engaging, Oogi Junior’s suction cup hands, feet and head easily stick to each other and any flat surface. And they can be popped right off without leaving a mark. Made from incredibly durable food-grade silicone rubber, Oogi Junior can be pulled, stretched and manipulated into an endless variety of surprisingly expressive positions. A great toy for a long car trip, Oogi Junior sticks well to car windows and plastic car seats keeping kids entertained for hours on the road. Completely non-toxic, it is PVC, phthalate and BPA free. It’s teething-safe, durable and easy to clean. For ages 3+. Kid O Toys, the leader in contemporary developmental and educational toys, makes learning look like child’s play. Dedicated to child enrichment through toys that promote and nurture creativity and discovery, we make toys that are designed to delight and engineered to endure. Toys with open-ended play that engage young minds, set imaginations free and celebrate a child’s innate brilliance. At Kid O, safety is paramount. Always PVC, Phthalate, BPA and lead free, our toys are tested by independent laboratories and conform to all US and European standards. We make learning look like child’s play.