Casa Clutch


  • Handwoven with 100% natural Rattan
  • Contains wooden bead clasps and plastic hinges
  • Moveable roof and door
  • Size: approximately 24cm height, 23cm width, 14cm depth
  • Schematic play: transporting, enveloping and enclosing schemas
  • Supports language and communication, role play, problem solving, creativity and imagination


Children will love this portable Casa Clutch basket – a house shaped woven basket, making the perfect home for Holdie Folk with a roof that opens, an opening front door, two windows and a carrying handle. This compact straw coloured wicker cottage is light enough for your child to carry around, using the woven rattan carrying handle. This modern scandi inspired toy cottage will hold your child’s favourite dolls and can be set up anywhere, ready to play. 
With wooden clasp beads to keep this dolls house closed when on the go, the Olli Ella Casa Clutch is a mobile home that will be loved by children of all ages for imaginative open ended play. This rattan dolls' house helps teach children about family roles, activities and daily routines. Team up with Olli Ella Holdie Folk and dolls house furniture from Babipur for hours of imaginative small world play and fun.