Bird Walker


  • Comes with two birds and 16 wooden blocks
  • Adjustable handle to fit various heights
  • Has a friction knob adjustment
  • Makes a fun encouraging sound
  • Made from sustainable rubber wood and coated with a non-toxic finish, all colors are made from vegetable dye

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We're totally fascinated by this walker here at Babi Pur. As the walker is pushed along the not only do the 2 birds heads peck up and down, but it also makes a unique sound - a great encouragement for movement and walking. The handle is adjustable so it grows with your little one. With 16 blocks the building and creating possibilities are endless - why not start with a bird house?

  • 2 birds, 16 blocks and walker
  • Helps develop gross motor skills and coordination
  • Recommended 10 months +
  • Height adjustable