Jumping Acrobat


Let’s have some fun with the Jumping Acrobat! Push the Blue bar down to make the acrobat jump up to the top. This helps enhance observational and experimental skills.

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Little gymnasts will love this awesome acrobatic toy. Slot the acrobat onto his wooden apparatus and raise the blue disc to the top. The disc has a magnet on it and the acrobat has a metal screw on his head so when the pedal at the bottom is pressed down, the little gymnast shoots up through the air to the disc. Have fun discovering jut how much force is needed to make the little fellow jump. Tots will be blown away by the apparent magic of this magnetic toy! It's a great tool for experimenting with and discovering how the world works. This is a top wooden toy that tots will love.

Suitable for 2+ years
This toy measures 9cm x 10.2cm x 32.5cm.