Magnetic Board Game


Create a fun time with this magnetic board game! This game comes with 2 magnetic sticks, 2 magnetic players and 2 tokens with different shapes. Start playing by separating into 2 teams, choose the token to play with, and then the kid has to control the magnetic player by holding the magnetic stick under the board. The person who can move and shoot the token into the opposing goal is the winner.

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Competitive kids will love this Plan Toys Magnetic Board Game for two players. This family game comes with a curved rubberwood freestanding base, two magnetic sticks to run underneath the base of the board which moves the two magnetic play pieces around the board to knock the two tokens into the opposition's goal. Set the winning score count and whoever gets there first claims victory.
This magnetic wooden board game looks really stylish and is perfect for keeping siblings or friends entertained on games nights and rainy days. Players will enjoy developing their concentration, strategic thinking and a sense of fair play as they push their way to triumph.
Ethically made with sustainable rubber wood, this wooden toy will appeal to green parents and children alike.
This toy measures 31cm x 45cm x 11cm. 
This toy is suitable from 3 years. Warning: unsuitable for children under age 3 due to small parts.