Meerkat Bowling


Strike, spare, or miss! Meerkat Bowling features 5 meerkat pins, a ball, and a hole. Children develop both gross and fine motor skills, concentration, coordination, and social skills attempting to knock down as many of the wooden pins as possible. Children and parents will love playing this game together. Meerkat Bowling is made from sustainably-produced, all-natural rubberwood, non-formaldehyde glue, and water-based dyes for the safest toy possible.

  • Age recommendation: 3 and up

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This fun wooden bowling game is great for playing indoors or outside. While they play, your little ones will develop gross motor and physical skills, as they learn how to aim the ball to knock down the pins. Each meerkat pin is a different colour and height. Contains one wooden ball and 5 brightly coloured meerkat wooden pins.

Suitable for 3 years +