Pick-Up Sticks


  • Travel size tin
  • This toy measures 12cm x 20cm x 4cm.
  • Quality wooden pieces
  • Teaches motor skills
  • Sensory toy: hand-eye co-ordination, problem-solving, fine motor skills

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Pick up sticks is a classic and timeless family game that has been made from beautifully coloured rubberwood sticks. The game involves dropping the sicks on a surface and then using a pincer like grip to carefully pick up a stick without disturbing the rest of the sticks in the pile. If a stick moves when you are trying to remove your stick then you miss your turn and the next person takes their turn.

This game whilst simple in design helps the development of many sensory skills such as fine motor skills, cognitive skills of planning and problem solving and the emotional skills of perseverance and patience. It is also a great size for taking out and about on a picnic, day out or on holiday.