Floor Puzzle Safari


Put all the puzzle pieces together one by one and discover the vibrant Safari life in this beautiful floor puzzle of Scratch! You see an elephant, giraffe, lion and many more wild animals. The puzzle comes in a round storage box .

Material: carton
Number of pieces: 36
Dimensions puzzle: 33 x 120 cm (L x W)
Diameter box: 26 cm 
Age: from 4 years old

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The floor puzzle with large parts especially for small children's hands, promotes the recognition of patterns, shapes and colors.
The motif of the puzzle shows a colorful savanna and many of the animals that live there, such as the elephant or the giraffe. There is something interesting to discover on each of the 36 lovingly illustrated parts.

  • 36-piece puzzle with animal motifs
  • about 100 x 33 cm
  • Age: 3+