Number Counting Blocks


These Wooden Number Counting Boards by The Little Coach house are a set of ten wooden counting boards, each with their own traceable from numbers 1-10 and their corresponding counting holes. These handmade boards are a wonderful teaching resource that will support children’s number recognition and place value.

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Each wooden counting board displays the number and corresponding counting hole, with the size of the board increasing in size with its number value. The Positioning of the number holes also makes it easy to recognise odd and even numbers.
Made from sustainable FSC Beech wood, with a beautifully tactile natural oiled finish, these 10 number boards come with their own custom stand block for storage and display. These wooden counting boards provide endless learning opportunities and are a wonderful sensory educational resource. Children will love to trace the numbers with their fingers or a stick and filling the number holes with different objects – from buttons and stones to mandala pieces. This Montessori learning resource will help the development of number recognition and formation as well as value, thanks to their simple yet ingenious design.
Size: Stand is 31cm long and 9cm wide
The smallest number block - number 1 is 10cm tall and 7cm wide and the tallest block - number 10 is 23cm tall and 7cm wide.
Please note these are learning resources and they are not to be used as toys. Your child should always be supervised by an adult when using them.
Sensory play: hand-eye co-ordination, problem-solving, fine motor skills, touch, will help children recognise and differentiate number and value. The Montessori approach to learning highlights that early sensory experiences lay the foundations of logical thinking.
The Little Coach House produce exceptional quality wooden learning resources for children based on the Montessori approach to learning.
"What the hand does the mind remembers" - Maria Montessori
Their range of wooden letter and number boards are handcrafted from sustainable FSC European Beach sourced locally to them and finished with a natural, non-toxic raw oil. All products are CE tested and have been designed to be used supervised with an adult as a child’s learning resource. The Little Coach House has strong environmental credentials, using sustainable resources and recyclable materials in their packaging.