Wobbel Pro


The wobbel is an article that gives free rein to the imagination of your little one. If it's a swing, a bridge, an elephant's back, a target, a chair, a bed, you can't think of it that crazy. On the bottom of the curved wooden board is a felt. The felt ensures that the floor is not damaged when your little one is playing, wiggling or fantasizing.


With the balance board Wobbel Pro clear lacquered with felt, it is great to play, swing, relax and move. This balance board encourages young and old to play imaginatively and move! Your balance board can be whatever you imagine: a balance board, swing, bridge, shop, hut, race track, lounge chair, gym equipment, the back of an elephant, … and much, much more! 

The Wobbel Pro is covered with pressed felt, which makes it extra durable and very suitable for intensive use. Ideal for children playing! This felt does not peel and is easy to clean. The pressed felt reduces noise, prevents scratches on the floor and on the Wobbel. 

What is the difference between the boards?
Wobbel Original vs Wobbel Pro
The Original board comes without felt in clear lacquer finish. 

The Pro boards come with our mainly recycled pressed PET felt.
This is a hard wearing felt, that is great for professional use like in schools and playgrounds.
This felt is a bit easier to clean compared to the wool felt, but doesn’t feel as soft as the wool felt.
The Pro and Original boards are the same size and can bare the same weight.
This size is particularly great from about 3 years and up, but can be used for all ages, up until 200 kilograms.

Wobbel Starter
The Starter is the smallest board, the perfect 'my first Wobbel'.
The shape, curve, size and weight make it a lighter and very stable balance board.
Meant for the smallest children, but can be used for all ages up until 100 kilograms.